Saturday, January 25, 2014

Telcommand for Soccer Training

Be Heard: Telcommand enables you to coach and communicate with your players no matter how far they are from you on the field.
Your Way: Coach a player one-on-one or coach as many players as you want. Telcommand enables you to decide how best to develop your players and your team.
Win: A Coach's Unit (transmitter) and a Players Unit (receiver), worn on the players arm, are the beginning of a player/team communication system that is the choice of winning program across America.
Telcommand overcomes background noise and wind in practice areas. Players hear you talking rather than shouting. Players and coaches across the country are benefiting from and enjoying the Telcommand advantage.
Uses within Soccer Training:
Phase of play training
Restart training
Shadow play
Scrimmage play
Drill work/ grid work
Coach from anywhere on or around the field
Every player gets the message on the field or the sideline, all the time.
Make adjustments with out interrupting the flow of a practice or scrimmage
Make practices more efficient and effective. More reps = better results.
Players can hear praise as well as corrections (great for developing young athletes)