Friday, December 27, 2013

How to Coach Ice Hockey More Effectively

With Telcommand coaches can maximize their return on the ice time rental cost. Coaches can increase efficiency of their practice time by communicating with the players on an on going basis through out practice. No longer do they have to be on the ice or wait until a line comes off the ice to instruct the players. Coaches can talk to the players and make adjustments during the flow of practice on the ice in game situations. No stopping and starting, having the players come together to explain a point of technique or strategy. Now explain it to them wherever they are on the ice from wherever you are observing them from, on the ice at one end, from the bench, or from a vantage point of higher up in the stands. Telcommand gives you choices in coaching style and technique that you could never take advantage of before. It gives coaches a tool to create and develop new teaching trends.
Communicate without shouting or blowing whistles. Coaching points are now passed on immediately. You can keep your players focused and motivated. You can give players vision while reinforcing their decision making. You can give personal attention to any player regardless of their position on the field. Telcommand allows you to coach from anywhere on or off the field. Coaches can re-position their vantage point for observing and teaching to what will work best for them.
Telcommand was designed with HOCKEY CAMPS in mind. With 14 channel capabilities multiple trainers can work individually with groups of any size. Now, available field space, not communication, will allow you to determine your group size. As each player progresses through the sessions they can simply change the channel to sync up with the next instructor. During scrimmages offense, defense and goalies can be on separate channels and coached by different trainers. You will discover different ways to use Telcommand that will allow you to accomplish your goals more quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Coaches with a limiting Disability can now coach at a Top Level with the Help of Telcommand

If you are a coach or want to be a coach and are wheelchair bound and if you believe getting around and being heard by team members successfully is an issue, then Telcommand will definitely eliminate these and other barriers including distance issues and not slow you down to coach effectively.
Why? Telcommand has 14 channels and a range of about 200-300 yards. It's designed for use during practices and scrimmages.
Telcommand operates using the same technology as cordless telephones. Any coach can use the device in voice activated mode, so players hear everything he or she says, or simultaneously the coach can push a button when he or she wants to be heard.
With Telcommand any disabled Manager/Coach can be successful at the top level.
For more information about how Telcommand can help coaches with limiting disability contact Rick Meyer at 1-866-776-3530.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

On the same "WAVELENGTH" - Lewis Center man's device can keep coach in touch with player

Telepath In The News - Reprinted / Excerpt from the Columbus Dispatch
Tuesday, December 06, 2005 Monique Curet

Rick Meyer has stood on the sidelines at many soccer games, wishing he could whisper strategy in his daughter's ear.
Then it occurred to him: "Gee, if I want to do that, how badly would coaches want to do that?"
The idea for Meyer's invention was born.
The Lewis Center resident created a device called Telepath, a wireless one-way communication system that allows coaches on the sidelines to talk to players on the field. It's being manufactured by George Tang Industrial Corp., which Meyer found by going to the International Consumer Electronics Show.
Meyer's experience makes the process sound simple — conceptualize, manufacture, sell. But there's more to it than that.
His first step was to contact a company that provides services to inventors, which did a patent search and product-feasibility and market studies.
Meyer then hired a patent lawyer and a design firm. The latter helped Meyer refine his vision of the product.
The current version has 14 channels and a range of about 450 yards. It's designed for use during practices and scrimmages.
Telepath operates using the same technology as cordless telephones, Meyer said. A coach can use the device in voice activated mode, so players hear everything he says, or he can push a button when he wants to be heard.
Anne Horton, assistant athletic director at Columbus Academy, was one of the coaches who tested the product
with her girls' field hockey and lacrosse teams.
Horton said when she was asked to test Telepath, "initially, I was very skeptical" because she thought it would be a nuisance.
"I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use," Horton said. She liked the fact that the device allowed her to "instruct, compliment . . . all in the same breath."
Horton said Telepath is valuable because it allows the opportunity to coach on a large field "without screaming or hollering." She said players sometimes misinterpret her tone when she's simply trying to project her voice.
The Ohio State University men's lacrosse team and the Westerville North High School girls' soccer team also tested prototypes of the device.
Meyer is heavily invested in Telepath — personally and financially. The father of two gets up before work — he's a district manager for a mortgage company — to tend his business, RPMSports. He's using vacation days next year to travel to sports conventions to promote the device.
The leap from idea to product is a big one. "It's difficult for an individual inventor to go from the stage of creating something to developing it for the marketplace," said Tom Boland, a patent attorney in Washington.
A lot of inventors "have stars in their eyes," Boland said. He said it's uncommon for someone to get to the manufacturing stage with a product.
They are being sold through the company's Web site, and

Friday, July 26, 2013

Speak and Be Heard

RPMSports is excited to announce the introduction of a revolutionary new wireless coaching system - Telcommand. This new technology has the potential to permanently change coaching techniques, training styles, and teaching applications in a variety of sports. Telcommand is a one-way communication system that allows the coach to communicate over an entire field. It was specifically designed for full field training during drills and scrimmages and eliminates the need of the coach to shout and disrupt the flow of practice by starting and stopping. Telcommand gives coaches the voice to be heard by all of their players, easily and efficiently and it lets coaches project confidence, teach new strategies, reinforce techniques and develop a winning style on the field. Telcommand allows a coach the freedom to choose to focus on an individual, isolate a group within a team, or instruct the entire team.

Telcommand began as a vision of Rick Meyer, a father whose two daughters play several sports. In January of 2004 Rick set about taking his dream to task and over the next year and a half the Telcommand concept was tested with several sports teams of different levels of play and ability. All of the test results were positive: Telcommand was a tool that benefited both coach and player!
The Telcommand Coaching System is comprised of two main units, the coach’s gear and the athlete’s gear. The coach’s gear consists of 2 or (optionally) 3 pieces: a transmitter that is worn in a cushioned neoprene active wrap on the arm or around the waist; a headset with microphone; and an optional push to talk wand. The wand allows the coach to be heard by players only when the button is pressed. If the wand is not preferred, the headset includes a voice-activated option that allows the coach to be completely hands-free and continually heard by players.

The athlete’s gear is comprised of the receiver and active wrap. The active wrap is a neoprene material that has a pouch built in to hold the receiver. The pouch is padded and has strategically placed holes for easy access to the LCD channel selector, volume selector, and speaker. Every active gear system comes with adjustable straps for wearing it around the upper arm. There are no wires or earpieces. The active gear is machine washable for easy care and both pieces are water and sweat resistant. The range of the system is about 350 yards and has a closed frequency to eliminate outside interference while in use; it has 14-channel capability and rechargeable batteries.

While Telcommand was originally envisioned for soccer, many other sports could benefit from its various uses including football, field hockey, lacrosse, softball, baseball, and ice hockey. With Telcommand baseball outfielders will hear their coaches instructions from the dugout. Football coaches can communicate strategies efficiently during drills. Ice hockey coaches can save expensive ice-time rental by teaching during the flow of practice. Coaches or trainers for various sports camps or clinics will find the use of Telcommand to be valuable because they can communicate with any number of camp attendees effectively and efficiently. Coaches can use multiple transmitters, each set to different channels, to work with defense and offense simultaneously or separately. The list of applications goes on and on and will continue to grow as different coaches envision and invent their own ways to use the equipment to benefit and develop their teams.

Telcommand is here! Are you being left behind?

For more information on Telcommand contact RPMSports