Friday, July 25, 2014

Telcommand User Testimonials

"Telcommand became a part of our regular practice and scrimmages that helped us achieve our 2006 season record and accomplishments. With the use of this coaching tool, I was able to modify some of my sessions and make them more efficient and effective that I could not do with out the system. It allowed me to observe and coach from a variety of vantage points from around the field giving me a better ability to direct and instruct during each practice or scrimmage." Randy Waldrum, head womens soccer coach, University of Notre Dame

"It helps from having to stop and start all over...I can make adjustments during the flow of a scrimmage. I like it, its great".Tim Lawrence, head girls soccer coach, Westerville North High School, Ohio

"Every competitive youth team should be using Telcommand. The kids love it. I do not have to yell, and everyone hears what is being told to them. The kids want to learn, and with this they do." Kim Dyer, Coach, U10 Club Soccer, Southern California

"This is a great coaching tool for any sport" Stephen Ayers, Coach, Brookhaven HS, Ohio

"It has been really great in developing my younger players. I have an assistant coach that will use Telcommand with one or two newer players during practice and scrimmages. The kids love it because they are getting special attention. We love it because we are developing the players faster so that they can make contributions sooner to the team." Ted Wolford, head boys lacrosse coach, Upper Arlington, OH (14 time State Champion)

"We put the system on a couple of our offensive linemen that needed some extra attention and it has made a world of difference in their confidence. The backup QBs get the same coaching as the starters, communications have improved and our practice pace has quickened." Mark Reeves, Head Coach, Cuero HS, Texas

"It is great to put on the second team while the first team is getting instruction on the field." Jim Haskins, Defensive Coordinator, Olentangy HS, Ohio

"I am able to tell them what a great job they are doing from 60 yards away. They hear me talking rather than screaming. It is very good, the entire team loves it." Anne Horton, head girls lacrosse coach, Columbus Academy, Ohio ( 9 time State Champion)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Football: In Helmet Communication for Practice

Instruct Like the Pros!!

Telcommand Coaching System will change the way you coach practices! Telcommand is a high quality one way communication piece that safely and securely Velcro’s into each player’s helmet. Put them in for practice; pop them out at game time.
Coaching is teaching, and Telcommand allows you to extend your teaching time into areas that you have not been able to before.
Communicate new schemes, reads, and assignments real time, directly to the players. Efficiency, effectiveness, and number of reps achieved can go through the roof! Multiple Arena League teams used Telcommand during practices and games with 100% effectiveness.
QB, Matt Nagy of the Columbus Destroyers commented, “I can hear and understand it better than the NFL system we have”. Mark Reeve, when head coach at Cuero (TX) High School, used it to talk to his offensive linemen without disrupting the flow of practices.
He talked to them about splits, calls and watching guys coming off the edge and reminded them what to look for in certain checks in offense.
He credits Telcommand for developing a sophomore guard into 1st Team All District, one they thought would not start until the 6th or 7th game.
With 14 channels each position coach can isolate their own players and backups to hear just their instruction. Coach from any where on or around the field.
200 yard range
14 channels
Rechargeable batteries
Coaches headset, can be push to talk, voice activated, or hand held.