Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Coaches with a limiting Disability can now coach at a Top Level with the Help of Telcommand

If you are a coach or want to be a coach and are wheelchair bound and if you believe getting around and being heard by team members successfully is an issue, then Telcommand will definitely eliminate these and other barriers including distance issues and not slow you down to coach effectively.
Why? Telcommand has 14 channels and a range of about 200-300 yards. It's designed for use during practices and scrimmages.
Telcommand operates using the same technology as cordless telephones. Any coach can use the device in voice activated mode, so players hear everything he or she says, or simultaneously the coach can push a button when he or she wants to be heard.
With Telcommand any disabled Manager/Coach can be successful at the top level.
For more information about how Telcommand can help coaches with limiting disability contact Rick Meyer at 1-866-776-3530.