Friday, December 27, 2013

How to Coach Ice Hockey More Effectively

With Telcommand coaches can maximize their return on the ice time rental cost. Coaches can increase efficiency of their practice time by communicating with the players on an on going basis through out practice. No longer do they have to be on the ice or wait until a line comes off the ice to instruct the players. Coaches can talk to the players and make adjustments during the flow of practice on the ice in game situations. No stopping and starting, having the players come together to explain a point of technique or strategy. Now explain it to them wherever they are on the ice from wherever you are observing them from, on the ice at one end, from the bench, or from a vantage point of higher up in the stands. Telcommand gives you choices in coaching style and technique that you could never take advantage of before. It gives coaches a tool to create and develop new teaching trends.
Communicate without shouting or blowing whistles. Coaching points are now passed on immediately. You can keep your players focused and motivated. You can give players vision while reinforcing their decision making. You can give personal attention to any player regardless of their position on the field. Telcommand allows you to coach from anywhere on or off the field. Coaches can re-position their vantage point for observing and teaching to what will work best for them.
Telcommand was designed with HOCKEY CAMPS in mind. With 14 channel capabilities multiple trainers can work individually with groups of any size. Now, available field space, not communication, will allow you to determine your group size. As each player progresses through the sessions they can simply change the channel to sync up with the next instructor. During scrimmages offense, defense and goalies can be on separate channels and coached by different trainers. You will discover different ways to use Telcommand that will allow you to accomplish your goals more quickly, efficiently, and effectively.