Thursday, September 18, 2014

Telcommand's mission is to help coaches and players to excel!

As a coach, you deal with a squad of players who have different hopes, values and experiences. It is YOUR job to help players get the very most from their games as individuals and as a team and it is TELCOMMANDS job to help both the coach, player including the team to excel.

FOOTBALL - Telcommand was designed to be used in football during non contact drills or light contact using pro pads. 

SOCCER - Telcommand was originally designed, tested and used, with soccer in mind. 

BASEBALL & SOFTBALL - Telcommand allows the coach to instruct players in strategy and positioning on the field without having to yell and scream from the dugout. 

FIELD HOCKEY - Telcommand has been used and tested by an Ohio State Champion team with positive results and feedback. 

LACROSSE - Telcommand was used and tested by a varsity ladies lacrosse team, that has several state titles in their trophy case. 

HOCKEY - With Telcommand coaches can maximize their return on the ice time rental cost.

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